Hello!!! The name's Mervin. Loves photography, shopping, coffee, and my friends. I can fill this little section with so much crap to scare you away, but... enough, I think? XD

An interesting post planned up ahead. But you'll only see this because....

I WANT THE PHOTOS!!!!! Muhahhahha.

Will update properly when I've got good photos to caption and display. Wait for my proper update, then!

Just a short post, since my Programming assignment's due tomorrow, whilst I haven't even touched it.

Ng Kok Jun @

and also....

Kesian the fella. He was sick, but Samson thought it funny to jam his face in his own sweater.

Laughed till my very guts ached. Haven't laughed like that since God knows when.

Yours truly,
Mervin, exams are coming up!!!!

Last Friday was the celebration of 5 birthdays, all packed together into 2 hours. It's what you do if you don't have enough money for 5 different birthday parties, 5 different cakes, and 5 different presents.

So right after Programming lecture was over and done with, we decided to try out the newly opened Pak Li's kopitiam. They were handing out vouchers, see.

50 CENTS IPOH ICED WHITE COFFEE!!!!! Heeeehhhlll yeah, baybeh.

If you don't know, I loooove coffee. I hell dig coffee, even when I remember hating it point black back when I was little.

And now I'm craving for more coffee. Starbuck's Java frapp, please? *big hint*

21 coursemates and the Programming lecturer took up a full row of tables, and even then, it was still cramped despite the fact that we're all small sized.

Anyway, menu gave me a headache cos there was just too many things I felt like ordering. Either cos' I kept thinking A would be nicer than B, or I just didn't wanna spend too much on food. Have been eating like mad lately.

*rewind story abit*

Just the day before, I went to Jusco, because I thought Giordano were selling two t-shirts for 15 bucks. But alas, I got conned. Not 15 bucks.

50 bucks.

Sighh. Money makes the world go round, I swear to god. So to cheer myself up, I stopped by Romp.

Ah yeess. I especially love the white one. It's a PERFECT fit, compared to the free-sizes I usually get in Romp. But the more logical side of me told me I didn't need new clothes at the moment.

Okay la, more like I was just plain lazy to go to the ATM, but screw that. The main point is I somehow convinced myself to leave empty-handed.

Miracle? I think so.

*back to story*

So I settled with some pineapple fried rice that simply looked orgasmic in the menu, but turned out looking like this. That's like 6 bucks there. *gasps*

Also made the wrong choice with durian cendol, seeing as I've never in my life, said no to a durian.

Durian gravy was just too pungent, too artificial, and too little!!! Whole thing tasted blardy ass plain cos there was so much ice. Oh, and brown sugar kinda killed off the durian taste. Ass.

Nevertheless, I ate till my stomach was near exploding point. And that was before the cake was cut, to begin with.

Oh well. It wasn't as bad as Say Er's. Initially, she ordered Snow Ice Red Bean or something like that. So when it came to the table, I felt my jaw drop to my knees.

Baahhh. The kopitiam fails epic-ly like no other has ever failed before. But then again, I'm gonna add some points back only because they have a....

Genius eh?

Lame jokes, photography sessions, and whole class ponteng-ing Engineering Materials lecture (kesian Ms.Ng) brought the curtain to a close.

So yes. Once again, happy birthday Sam, Say Er, Chee Kiat, Kok Jun, and Choy Leng, and have a good one, guys!

Yours truly,
Mervin, birthday celebrations are always a bomb. One more?

Indeed, society can be pretty judgemental at times. The number of whispers I get behind my back about the way I look proves this.

"Mervin, ppl keep on sayin u lala wei... won't it hurt?"

To be honest, and to answer that question, NO. I'm not hurt.

In fact, I'm amused. Laughing at those people whose eyes are too clouded by the dogma of boring society. Laughing at those people who're too narrow minded to actually do something and stand out of the crowd.

No one deserves to be tarred with the same dirty brush. Haven't I proved for the umpteenth time, that I'm not just one of those people you find wearing carrot-cuts in Sungei Wang?

Fashion is just fashion, nothing more. For those of you who don't know what Japanese fashion is, God bless your soul.

And God, double bless those bimbotic souls that think I'm extreme when it comes to fashion.

I don't give a shit if anyone thinks I look gay, or that I have a slim figure good enough to be a girl. And to hell with those that think I need to take growth supplements just because I'm too short, or that I'm more pretty than handsome, and that a proper man should be tall with broad shoulders.


I don't have anything to prove to anyone. As long as I stand up for what I believe know is right, that's good enough for me. I'm perfectly happy with the way I look, talk, and act. If you've got a problem, I suggest you say it in my face, and not whisper and gossip behind my back like some sort of chicken-shitted coward. I don't need that kind of crap. Go jump in a well, okay?

With love,
Mervin, if only looks could kill.

Okay. Emo emo emo emo emo emo emo.

Just took like a gazillion pics with my phone cam. But as luck would've had it, THE IDIOTIC PHONE'S CORRUPTED, AND SO ARE THE PICTURES AND MY COMPUTER.

All I can say is..... emo.

Grrr. Pretty excellent, no? *smacks phone on table*


*continues smacking phone*

Yours truly,
Mervin, *whispers* emo!!!!

P.S. I hate Maths. I hate Maths with a vengeance.

P.P.S. There's a new
in-thing. Plants Vs. Zombies is sooooo cute!!!!

I'm a bit too emo to blog coherently right now, so don't mind me if the words just don't stick.

Somehow, I think guys are also prone to that certain time of month @ PMS. My mood's fluctuating like mad. Something like a graph of sine functions.

Yeah, everyone in class's doing Maths, and it's infectious.

Anyway, it's been happy me, sad me, sad me, happy me, sad me, emo me, anguished me, happy me, and then back to anguished me. Well as you can see, the emo parts are turning out more often than the happy ones, tsk.

Aaaaaah, emotions'll be the death of me.

But then again, amen to the world for good, caring friends. They bothered spending at least an hour listening to me rant and spill my stupid shits out, okay. Thanks, guys.

Awww....ya'll are such a bunch of buddies that I just feel like bear-hugging you to death, but I can't. Obvious reasons why. Oh, the mind boggles!

Oh, wait.

Shibi, if you're reading this, I hold you personally responsible for brightening up my day. Until now, I can't stop smiling to myself, and my cheek muscles are already tiring. You're the #1 person on my bear-hug list, hah!

I might've just gone insane.

Alrighty, bye.

Yours truly,
Mervin, still waiting for my camera, ugh.

P.S. Yo Shibs, it's our little secret, aite?

There's still a missing piece. And to think that I was naive enough to assume you complete me.

I won't make the same mistake again.

But the question is... did you even hear it breaking?

Yours truly,
Mervin, it's too late now.
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