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November... - 23.11.09

is a month of birthdays.

Lou Ferrigno. Nick Lachey. Owen Wilson. Kevin Jonas. Chris Jericho. Judy Reyes. Tilda Swinton. Thandie Newton. Tara Reid. Josh Peck. Masashi Kishamoto. Leonardo DiCaprio. Anne Heathaway. Whoopi Goldberg. Jimmy Kimmel. Yanni. M_____.

Fill in the blank, people!

An interesting week coming up, full of updates. If only I can get my stupid workload off my back. "If" is a powerful word. I officially hate English now.

Yours truly,
Mervin, goodbye, my luckless romance...

Food Turns To Lumps Of Shit Anyway. - 22.11.09

Okay, very brief update. I sense some heavy workload coming up.

It's been a stressful and angry weekend for me. It all started with my hopeless phone. Couldn't call anyone even when it was repaired! Naturally, that caused me to enter berserk mode, fullstop.

Then, to have an early celebration for me, me and my family made plans to eat Western at Lookout Point, but... the rain just had to come spoil my plans, AGAIN. Ugh, just don't rain can or not? Geez, who cares about the people in Africa, goddamit it?!

This led to some last minute stress, digging through discount books, and searching on websites. Straight to the point, T.G.I. Friday's at Pyramid was the spontaneous decision for the night. And during the journey there, people don't usually control the words coming out of their mouth, and so, words cannot describe how mad I was at that time.

It's what I call my version of PMS, I suppose?

Oh, you just gotta love the new promotion. 30 bucks for a set of 2 dishes, and man, IT WAS WORTH IT. The appetizer managed to make me full even before the main course got there. *bloat*

Okay laah, at least I got half of a point on my wishlist. TGI Friday's, but with family! I was hoping for friends, but it's alright. Food was good, all was well. Since it's my parents we're talking about here, it makes everything more err... formal? =P

*laughs* Maybe I spoke too soon.

Cadbury had some fair, too. Dark chocolate samples galore! How can some people not love dark chocolate, I have no idea.

Games! Kept taking the shooting one mainly cos' I'm still in love with Left 4 Dead 2. huhu

I'm good at it, okay!!! Flirted with the girl who was coordinating the game, too. Yeehah, I rock.

Went home for DVD night after that.

It came out like ages ago, but I like DVD's better, so?

The Proposal is good!!! A well deserved 8/10. Sandra Bullock plays the cold hearted bitch boss with killer high heels (she gets into trouble because of them quite often), and Ryan Reynolds is your everyday guy who can be just as bitchy as her. Sarcasm, touching sidelines and funny shit scenes kept me glued in my seat for that hour and a half.

"Oh my God, what the hell was that?"
"What? It's morning."
"*rolls eyes* Diiiisgusting...."


I just love watching romantic comedies. Yeah yeah, I know they're predictable and stuff like that, but they leave me with this really mushy feeling inside. Kinda feels like I should go out there and start my own funny romance.

Sigh, I'm still a noob at love, and I know that well. TOTALLY well.

Yours truly,
Mervin, but I've gotta find a date for prom. OMFG what could be harder?

Everybody Loves Photos! - 22.11.09

Okay, another super-saturated-picture-post. (Don't ask me wth this's supposed to mean)

Thursday was a very weird day. 2 of our teachers were absent, and that translates to 2 lessons cancelled. Well, we didn't plan for any of this, and so we had quite a lot of free time on our hands.

The fun started with a camera phone and three people. Toss in a good digital camera, and you get the whole class joining in. Hahah, weird, random times.

Leno was innocent, I swear. Wrong action at the wrong time, haha.

Then, we decided to try our hand at jumping shots. Now, to be honest, I haven't really got the hang of my camera yet. Still facing probs when tweaking adjustments. Moving objects come out REALLY blur, but I point blank refuse to use the flash! Facial oil, wrinkles, and pallid skin tones, 'nuff said.

Our first attempts were hillarious. Here're some of our failures. =)

But after many stupid tries and leg cramps, I figured the settings out! SAVED. Samson showed us how it's done.

Okay. 1 more hour to waste. Went to the ICT Showcase the college was doing. Well, let's get 2 things straight:

#1. There was absolutely nothing to do at the boring function! Eveything ICT there just stumped us, totally. There's a reason us 21 people aren't in a computer related course, okay.

#2. We still hadn't recovered from the camwhore fever.

#3. We only went there for 3 ulterior motives: Free coffee sampling, the air-con, and more photos. Don't give us the weird look, please? LMAO.

Our seats were quite secluded. Behind the billboards or whatever you call them. Naturally, privacy and thick skin led us all to take pictures of love for our assignment 'Feelings'.

Heeehlll no, I'm just kidding. We just like experiencing homosexuality. Can't you tell? (Don't kill me, ya'll!)

Yours truly,
Mervin, sigh, the stress of an English assignment.

Just for you KimChuan, cos' you stalk my blog (you admitted it!), thanks for the 4 packets of coffee. Wasted one though! Poured the coffee into the cup, and turned on the red tap, only to see the coffee powder floating on the water. The 'hot' water was ice cold. =.=

Brownaissance, Yet Again. - 21.11.09

Just discovered that I'm hopeless when it comes to very short hair, sigh.

Yours truly,
Mervin, I miss my pale white skin! The cost of going out, sigh.

Of Fun Fillings And Failed Plans. - 20.11.09

I'm actually busy. And when I say busy, I mean REAL busy. But since Say Er's been rushing me to get this post done for the past few days, okay okay, I'll update. Just for you laah, hm?

So as promised, my Saturday night for you all.

It was a biiiiiiit of a letdown. Happening, but still a letdown. Hence the post title.

After the dreaded Thermo test (which turned out to be perversely easy btw), we invaded Times Square to catch 2012. The original idea was to take a bus and go through all the public transport switching, but somebody brought a van. Whoooopeee.

Threw Jennie in the front seat. No surprises there! Um..... the silence between them was awkward, and to make matters worse, continuous. @.@

Thankfully, there was little traffic, and so it was the fast and laughable ride. At least, it was for the rest. Saved by... the traffic lights? Ahaha.

All this was followed with a beeline straight to the cinema. Reached the cinema at 1, and as luck would've had it...

Jor!!!! And as if that wasn't enough, all seats until 5 were fully booked. Dunnnn dunnnn duuuunnnnnn!

And that's how our main plans were destroyed. Plan A was officially screwed. And the best part? We didn't have a plan B. Dying, Dying, DIED.

Okay, before I proceed, you must be thinking why the hell didn't I book tickets earlier?

*rewind story a bit

I hate you, GSC. I hate you, and your stupid phone reservation service. Called from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. at regular intervals, but still couldn't book ONE ticket. Kept hearing messages like "Sorry, there has been a connection error, please try again later bla bla bla" or "There is no movie for the date you have selected, da da da".

Their website wasn't helping matters, too.

"Due to overwhelming traffic on our site, you are currently viewing a stripped down version of the page. Please note that online reservations are also unavailable at the moment. We apologize for any inconvenience caused."

What nonsense.
FML!!! *beheads GSC Manager*

*back to story

McD's was the obvious and very spontaneous decision, after debating on KFC, pizza, Burger King. Cheap, and light! Ugh, indecisive people. We planned on starving ourselves for dinner.

I learnt something that day. Whenever you wanna go shopping, never get boys as company. Except me. I'm special. I heeehhhllll digg shopping. XD

Ah, screw this shit. With a limited budget and an ungodly amount of time before our second plan, we proceeded to roam the two most lala-infested floors. It was fun. No sarcasm there. Talked, went girl-seeing (I'm still not a pervert), and giggled madly behind cosplaying idiotas to pass time.

I now know how normal I am. Ugh, seriously, Miss Thailand, GET. A. LIFE.

Dropped by Station Kopitiam for some cheapo (RM0.99!!!) teh tarik. Too sweet! Yuck. And that cursed drink gave us all stomachaches. Groan. Toilet time for 6 people.

Said goodbye to CCY, and then it was time for dinner: Satay lok lok @ GK. Left early to brave the crowded roads of KL, and also because we had a reservation spot on 7.

T'was a table for 13, 3.5 hours of eating and camwhoring, a narrow, but satisfying range of food, and a totally new experience. Naturally, it was one hell of a photography session. Satay sauce was way too oily, but everything was goooooood.

Indeed, the chicken wings were so nice, it was like you had to fight for them. There was this time the tray arrived outside, and people from each table IMMEDIATELY began swarming around. The rule was clear: Grab a fork, and swordfight your way in like the hungry person you are. Managed to emerge from the war with 4 tastilicious wings, and many many oil marks slashes on my hands, tsk. Victory!!! haha

Despite being completely starved, I didn't feel as full as I usually would. I ate so much, I think I've gained 2kg right there. Greeeeeedy.

Evidently, healthy eating and me will always be bullcrap. *nom nom nom nom nom*

You should've seen my joyful tummy after the meal. Getting fat already! Lol bakal Boomer sial. (burp!)

So yeeeeap. I AM OFFICIALLY A LOK LOK FANATIC. Sentence is even in bold caps to prove my love for it.

Somewhere along the lines, some of us made plans to try watching 2012 again, this time during midnight. Long story short and lack of planning led to everything falling apart. Hate going through this kinda shit; the suspense and the letdowns, arrgh.

So that makes the tally 3-1, with failed plans in the lead. This is no fun at all, period.

Okie, signing off, bye.

Yours truly,

P.S. 5 minutes after arriving home, I realized we didn't take a group picture. Why the shit do I always forget the most important photo of an outing? Dammit!

P.P.S. Something happenned between my steel chain and a board of magnetic earrings on display. Stupid, funny, and embarassing. Something always happens when i'm at that particular shop. Gahh, am never returning to that jinxed stall, EVER.

P.P.P.S. It doesn't end well for you, asshole. What I did is just the first step; there's more to come.
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