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What're We Having, Blood Or Coffee? - 30.10.09

Is it me, or is EVERYTHING suddenly so happening? Friends, studies, teachers that piss me off (in good and bad ways), and every other whatnot. Ahhhh, I'm not complaining.

BUT!!!!! I do wanna complain bout this sem's timetable. Screw it! Too many bloody breaks! (pun intended) 2 hours, 2.5 hours, and some even extend to 3! Thankfully, our college is near TBR. *ahem ahem*

3 bucks worth of evil fun, so how can we not?

You'll never see me in a more sadistic mood. Planning strategies and proceeding to strangle, tear or vomit on humans is just so epic!

And according to Ding, he's never seen me not being me. Perhaps I've got a split personality? One more bent on being evil?

Hoho. The mind boggles!

=.= My mom thinks I'm going crazy, sigh.

OR.... we just stop by Pak Li's Kopitiam. Okay, I take my word back. PLK is lightyears better than OldTown, period.

On the other hand, guess what? "Stop by" is a wee bit understated. Whenever we're there, we somehow manage to behead 3 hours in no time at all. =) Gossips, laughs, jokes, all-theory-no-practical, bitches, and coffee always completes the day.

Yours truly,
Mervin, looking forward to next Monday's 2 hour break!

P.S. Just discovered I'm a caffeine addict! If I don't get my night coffee, my hands shake uncontrollably. Was trynna thread an accessory into my camera last night, but my hands were doing their thing again. And what perfect timing to run out of coffee! Walked all the way to TBR just to get one stickpack. This. Is. Scary.

I'm Leaving This Post Untitled. - 25.10.09

No, not really, I'm just too lazy to think of a title for a short post like this. =P

Anyway, I don't know if she'll see this on time (eventhough I told her to), but I still wanna wish Kelly a happy happy birthday here.

So to the girl I've shared many laughs, good times, poses, photos, fitting rooms, SPM stresses and Kancil's Crash Course boredom, Happy Birthday!!!! =D

Have a good one, despite your exams, huhu.

Will see you next Saturday!

BUT!!!! First question. Dinner where?

Second and the most important question....
You belanja onot? ROFLMAO.

Yours truly,
Mervin, it seems I've got plans every week. Perfection.

P.S. Designing and changing a blogskin is total stress. So many HTML errors! Am never editing it again, sighh.

Lunch... Saffrons of Suffering. - 24.10.09

Wheeee, I'm back. Continuing from my previous post. I woke up to Yi Hui's mom (right in front of me) telling me to go down for breakfast. To be honest, I was starving, but since I didn't want to look greedy, I waited for at least 2 more people to wake up to start eating.

In the meantime, discovered that watching people sleep is amusing. So twisted!

Thank god we bought too much food. There were extra egg tarts too! Leftovers never tasted so gobsmacking.

After that, all we did was pass time. 2 hours of piano, mahjong, gossip, more Korean flicks, more gay entertainment.

And just like that, it was time to leave. Packed our stuff, crammed 11 people into two cars, and it was off for Kumitha's Deepavali open house. It wasn't pleasant, but at least I could still feel my ass when I got out. :S

I havent' been to a Deepavali open house before. I've been to CNYs, Rayas, Christmases, but no Deepavali. Expected tons of spicy stuff. I think it was the same for most of us anyway, but nevermind that.

Do you know what a kum kum is? I don't, but that didn't stop us from playing around with the stickers.

Now we know how we'll look like if we were Indians.

Strangely, we were very quiet. Like HELL quiet. Or at least, quieter than usual.Didn't crack much jokes, didn't run around whacking each other. Don't look at us weirdly. Polite ma!

Main course was... bittersweet. So tasty, yet so spicy! The best dish was the hottest, phew.

Ate with our hands, where Leno and Jun displayed their pro skills. Downed countless glasses of soft drink, water, and ice. I've no pictures of these moments, though, so you guys just have to envision what happened la, k? Just picture everyone (Samson especially) on fire, and you've got it just about right.

Naturally, I overate again. That was hell to my body.

Sigh. I've got other stuff to do, besides the fact I'm lazy. So fine. Pictures, pictures, pictures.

Oh, Kumithaa's scarf came in of good use, too.

Yours truly,
Mervin, LAZY LAAAA!!!!

Three Floors of Syiok-ness. - 21.10.09

One big house. Two birthday people. Three couples. A huge feast.

That was how it was last Friday, when we planned to celebrate Yi Hui's and Hong Sin's birthday at her new house, and for a few of us to spend the night at her house.

The initial plan was for me to help the Wangsa people cook up some stuff after the lecture, but since Yi Hui needed help preparing food, me and Peggy layaned.

Anyway, time seemed to creep so slowly in the boring, useless lecture. But when it was all over, woooooah - SALVATION. Jumped into SayEr's bf's car, and reached YiHui's front door at 4. First thing that crossed my mind was...

"Okay. Biiiiiiiig house."

My house is nowhere as giganto as hers! Mind you, I'm the #1 budak bandar in my class, gahh. And the fact that her mom's got incredible taste makes it a ++++++ point.

Anyway, since the others would only be arriving around 7-ish, the three of us were stuck with a gazillion minutes of boredom. Couldn't sleep, was too pumped. Couldn't jump on the bed, they were hard. Couldn't start cooking, or the fried stuff would turn mushy.

So while Yi Hui slept and Peggy read, I busied myself with my camera. Here we go =D

Yi Hui, are you absolutely, positively, 100% SURE you don't wanna buy my photos? Hahahha.

So at 6, we started cooking. Lots of frying means lots of hard work. But at the same time, it means more tasting the cooking, if you know what I mean.

FYI, we actually burnt the nuggets to make them crispy, okay. Extra time went into the oil, but to no avail. You'll see why.

We were also afraid that there wouldn't be enough food to feed around 25 mouths, so we stressed for a while on some additional food. Salad? Soup? More meehoon? Majority won, so we made sandwiches. Tuna, which is one of my absolute favs.

Didn't know it would be so easy. Bread, butter, tuna, lettuce, bread.The hardest part was waiting for additional bread to arrive.

The end result was niiiiiice. I like.

See the egg tarts? They're from Tong Kee! Superb. Typing this makes me crave for more egg tarts.

As mentioned, the others would only arrive at 7. While waiting for them, those already there did nothing but eat and eat and eat.

Hence, we were already full even before the party already began. Not that smart a move. That brought death to my waistline, groan.

And everything fried went from crispy to mushy. Broke my heart when I saw that. Still tasted okay though, so all was good.

At 9.30, the others finally arrived, and (to my horror) brought more food. I'm a monster when it comes to food, but I have my limits, okay!!!

I remember this most out of everything else. Sweetened creamer, leong fun, cendol, and longan. The taste? Use your imagination. Let's just leave it at that.

But here's a hint : YiHui's mom told Samson she'll only drink it only if she's totally thirsty. *Gasps*

There was just so much food! Oh my shit. Was so full I could hardly sit up straight. I shall never overestimate my stomach capacity, ever again. Ughh.

BUT!!!! Everyone said the sandwiches were awesome. Success!!!! Victory!!! Or whatever you call it laah. Maybe it's because they weren't there to see how we made the sandwiches, teehee. =P

Good times.

Poor boy wasn't feeling too well that night. Fever, vomiting, chills. But Mangcket Foo's much better now, or so Say Er says.

Anyway, despite my bloated stomach, I felt like being healthy. Do the right thing! Went out for a walk with a few others.

All I can say is... It. Was Quiet. 90% of the houses were still unoccupied, and so there was that lonely feeling. Something I don't experience at Subang. Sometimes it just feels good to take a break from all that crap noise and pollution on the streets.

Us sesat people terrorized the playground, too. Ridiculed the see-saws, almost broke the swings, and made untypable sounds. *ugh ugh* From afar, the playground was alive with the laughter of 5-year-olds. Laugh all you want, we're all little kids deep inside, no?

Went back with just enough time for some rest, drying off (we were sweaty, hm) and cake cutting! Wheee. Sang three versions of the birthday song. I believe it's one of our traditions now?

Blueberry Chilled Cheese, and Orange Delight, although the stupid cake shop messed up my order, sheesh.

No prizes for guessing which cake was better, hee. Then, picture time! Okay, funny awkward moments.

That's her mom in the middle. Thanks aunty, for the tasty chow mein, for being such a great host, and for letting us vandalize your house. XP

Just realized that boys really DO come from different dimensions than girls. Obvious reasons photos why.

Can't you tell? :S

Rest of the day was duller, but still happening la. All I did was play cho dai di. No money gambling, but... I got slaughtered. Didn't win a single round! I should really play more, sighh. A Korean por-nedy (go figure) was thrown in, too.

T'was very tiring. Crashing on her mattress never felt better. But seeing that many big, neverending smiles made it all worth it.

Shall continue this post another time, cos' this one's so long it's not even funny!

Wait for my proper update.

Yours truly,
Mervin, remember. TONG KEE.
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