Hello!!! The name's Mervin. Loves photography, shopping, coffee, and my friends. I can fill this little section with so much crap to scare you away, but... enough, I think? XD

WARNING : Pic-less post. Baah, how I hate not having a camera.


Last Thursday, the original plan was to go for Secret Recipe, and then a bit of J.Co or Nando's or Pizza Hut or Teppanyaki or whatever we wanted lah, seeing as it was a plan from at least 3 weeks before.

But, just as I was waiting at our meeting place, Shibi (yes, her again) sms-ed me. :S

"Jom, we all go Sri Rampai pasar malam!!"

Oh well, it's never really bothered me when we change plans so suddenly. After all, I've always been an impulsive and totally spontaneous person. Oh, how I LOOOOOOVE being random!!

Okay wtf hahhahah. :D

Plus, since I haven't been there for a heartfelt century, FINE, I layaned. After meeting up with the gang in college and joking about our dick lengths, we set off. Had 3 cars for just 9 people (the rest would meet us there). Wth, major ratio imbalance.

So yeeeeap. 17 people. 3 very segregated groups of friends, but we made it work. Yay for us. *giggles*

Reached around 7.00, parked the cars, started walking, and everyone sped ahead, leaving me, Ray, and Ding behind while we bought small stuff to eat.

When people go pasar malam, they walk fast, buy fast, eat fast, then ciao fast, spending as little as possible. Not me!!!! I walk waaaaay slow, buy, eat, buy, eat, drink, then buy and eat again. Oh. Bumped twice into Say Er and Swei on the way.

Sigh. Confessions of A High-Metabolismer indeed.

Oh. And when they say pasar malam has a shit hell a lottttttt of food, THEY ARE NOT KIDDING.

Overall, we didn't exactly explore every nuance and anomaly of the pasar malam, but the walk was loooong. Thank god for yummy snacks, great food, crappy but cheap soya bean, and great great friends, no? I swear to God, my stomach literally exploded when I got home.

Okay. Pic-less post, so shall stop my nonsense. But... to end on a good note, here's a big container of yummy....

Yours truly,
Mervin, happie!!!!

One thing about me. I've never, EVER liked short posts on my blog. BUT, I'm gonna go ahead and screw myself with this one because I NEED to update, okay. I really need to. It's depressing when you used to have around 35 readers per day, and now, I've only got an average of 5.

Thank you blardy hard, demanding, and killer assignments. Thank you sooooo very much. Pfft.


One of the best parts about going for OO Night was the free haircut voucher at Snips that came with the goody bag. And seeing as my hair was clearly screaming for a visit to a salon, I was a happy boy. :D

Naturally, I was very stressed out and pissed off when the red-haired gay hairdresser told me that I couldn't cut my hair now as the trainees weren't there yet. Ish, don't bother giving the bloody vouchers laah, in the first place! Didn't even mention it was trainee cut. Stoooopid.

And so, instead of wasting my transport money, I just ditched the voucher and went for my cut at The Cut (I'm stating the obvious, yeah I know), my absolute favooorite salon.

Unfortunate but fortunate circumstances took place there. When the new hairstylist finished the job, I noticed that my sides still looked messy, and so I told her to trim. That's when she proceeded to comb my hair upwards, and literally chop off the sides. And Ms.Genius said,

"Done. You like it?"

WTF did she expect? Done with one side of my hair like 3 inches longer than the other? *sigh* I just told her to cut off the other side as well. Manatauu, it turned out quite nice.

Comments I got were on the lines of:

"OMG! Mervin!!! I can't even recognize you la!!!"
"Mervin!!! Mervin!!! (looking for me when I'm sitting right next to him."
"Oh. You look more energetic. Last time, you look very ugly."

Wtf, could you be more direct, please? (please oh please note the sarcasm.)

Oh well. For better, neater, not-so-lala appearances, perhaps?

You bet!!!

Okay laah. I conned you. I know I said a short post, but I realized too late that this is anything but short. What to do? Just let me be my hypertalk self, can? Can? Oh pretty please with a cherry on top?


Yours truly,
Mervin, I look even more like a girl. Oh, to hell with it laah.

P.S. Ahhh... I never like posting unfinished posts. Hence, the quality of this post.

It all started last Wednesday (see, I told you my posts are backdated), when I was just about to plant my ass in my room to do my homework and notes as I told myself to earlier, I got a message from my ever-so-hyper friend Shibi.

Shibs : eh. 8pm feeling cafe?
WuFF: today? serious shit ah?
Shibs : lol why the drama?
WuFF: holy... yeah good. okay. so i'll meet u at college main gate round 8?

No will power at all. Sighhh....

Temptation, temptation. -.-

Anyway, my partners in crime for the day were Roslyn, Kampar, Shibs, Jeannie, Jo, and Jade. Wanted to invite more, but 'twas too last minute, too random. So after hailing two taxis and a short walk, we finally arrived!

Wheeee. XD
My first time at that cafe. The interior's pretty small, with dimmed yellow lights and stuff. Oooh. Romantic. But on the downside, I couldn't take any pictures with my failed cellphone camera.

Drinks were quite expensive, around 7.90. Certainly not amazing, but good nonetheless.

See Roslyn? Great minds think alike. hahhahah.

There goes 7 bucks. And since we had to save money for shopping and other whatnots (Secret Recipe!!!), me and Jade didn't order anything, thinking we could fill ourselves with our drinks. But unfortunately, when the rest of the orders came, the smell was overpowering. It really brought me down to my knees, and so...

"Jade, come la. We share something."

Additional RM4.50 gone. Gawd. The Devil's grasp of temptation is strong on thine truly.

We ordered mushroom chicken chop. Manatau, it was sooo salty, it killed my appetite. In other words, FAIL. Also, a having no mirrors means I should give it an EPIC fail, but the two singing ladies saved the day with their voices and sexayh bodies charm.
Honestly, I think they discriminate against English-speakers. Requested for them to sing A Moment Like This by Kelly Clarkson, but didn't even bother telling us they didn't know the song.

Whee, thanks. Totally butchered the live music experience. Ish.

After that, nothing much. Laughed like maniacs, played cho dai di and Heart Attack packed with Dare or Dare(I suck in card games), disturbed random diners, rotted till about 11p.m., and then decided to leave as we needed to get back to homework, and since Chi Hoe was dying, we needed to get him Panadols.

And apparently, I am an extremely huge vain pot, or so Shibi says. I was dared to put on a hairclip and not take it off till I reached hostel, but I made up all sorts of excuses to take it off. Ughh. It's not as if i don't have anything better to do, and I need my fringe, okay. I look like some effed up grandpa without it.

Buuuuuuttttt, who asked you to be bitchy with me? Who asked you to give me the hardest dares? Hmph. I will get my revenge, Jo, Shibs, and Roslyn. I SO will. *evil grin*

Yada-dadada-da. End of my crap.

Yours truly,
Mervin, I hate dares. I'll just play it one last time to exact my revenge.

Last Sunday was spent at Subang Parade with the family, and my cousin from Johor who came just for the weekend. Mainly because she wants clothes, and me, well, being my usual self, I can't glue my ass at home.

So off we went.
That's at Shins, and yeeeeaaaap. That's her in the middle, looking for plastic eyelashes.

Sighhhh. I dunno, seriously. I mean, glue your eyes? That's a bit of a no-no for me. But then my mom also bought this weird treatment mascara thing that's supposed to stimulate growth of your eyelashes.

That's when my cousin and my mom started giggling, saying that i'd be the first one to use it.

Immense -.-III.

After that, it was off for women's shopping. Broke off from the group and headed to the guys' section cos' I simply couldn't stand not getting my own clothes.

Manatau, there wasn't any clothes, despite the sales season.
Damn sad case la, Subang Parade. No wonder no one goes there anymore.

But Rotiboy managed to save the day with the oh-so-hot buns.

Recently discovered bread is my Achille's heel. I was sorely tempted to buy at least 5 types of the buns, but one look at my wallet told me one was enough. :(


Stopped by Pizza Hut for lunch, and since the new Mediterranean Feast looked nice, I thought we oughtta go for it.

The pizza, crinkle potatoes, ad baked rice was kinda good, the only spoiler being the spaghetti that came with it.

Simply put, I got conned. WTF.

Oh, and did you know....

Hell yeah baybeh!!!
Hot dogs for only 2 bucks, and that's 1901 hot dogs to start.

Malaysians are really kiasu when it comes to food. So yessssss, to anyone who I've beaten up trynna deny this fact, *cough* Byron *cough* yours truly sincerely apologizes.

Ahhah. Sadly, stocks are limited, and the dogs were not as good as usual. The buns were cheapskate soft buns, and the mustard was horrible, IMHO.

Damn cheap weihh those 1901 vendors. It's just once a month, so can't you at the very least consider this charity?

Gosh. Who am I to talk about charity? But really, screw charity and its moral virtues. Pfft.

Yours truly,
Mervin, waiting for next 19th! Hweeee...

P.S. PC Fair's coming up!!!! Say hello to my new digicam.

Okay. I know I haven't been updating, so yes, gomenasai. But alahh... whadya expect? My assignments have been piling up like crazy.

This is just so stressful.

And I'm not cocking or bullshitting okay. I've got proof! I'll just summarize what went on for the past week to keep you from bashing me up. =.=

1. Orientation Odyssey Night 09.


Like hehhhllll, for once, I get to be called a VIP. Bangga tau. And since a VIP has to look like a VIP,

Don't doubt it, it works. Try for yourself. Just choose egg white or yolk, slosh the gunk on your face, and you'll look as plastic as Barbie in 15 minutes.

Trust me. ; )

Performances were good, opening ceremony with the Principal was boring, but man.... Joseph and Yoghurt're the highlights of the show, no kidding. They really brought the house down.

No, Roslyn, I'm not gonna steal Joseph from you. He's not my type. Okay wtf hahhahh.

To Eelin, Calvin, Shibs, Roslyn, Diyan....


Aiyah. No la. But I did cheer hard for you guys, and eventhough you didn't win anything, I love you guys for making my week ever so busy. XD

2. Sports Carnival.

Hace designed the little thing(Not the lizard, that's from the WWW). I absolutely loooove it to bits, cos' it looks so cool. He even went and crapped along that it was our identity or some shit like that, I can't remember.

Hey, it's been one week, so you can't fault me!

Ah. before I start digressing, back to the main point.

I basically watched like a gazillion football matches, folded sweaty, smelly singlets, ran like mad around the school, looking for this, that, and teachers.

And mind you. My school is gilerr bapak huge.

Hello Shaun.

Damn retard I swear. This's what happens when you watch too much football.

Yeah, but the best parts were watching people fall over and over again in the mud. They literally go whoop, splash, thonk.

Wheeeeeee. XD

My posts're gonna be backdated, and the only date I can think of is 27-07-09, which happens to be the deadline for most of my assignments.

Alright then. I really can't afford to put too much time on the Internet nowadays. I've been 'burning the midnight oil' for three days in a row already, and I still can't finish my pile of homework.

This is insane, I tell you. Insane. 28 hours of not sleeping did not manage to revitalise me.

And so, to quote Roslyn (again),


Yours truly,
Mervin, listening to "No Sleep Tonight - Faders". Coincidence? Fate?

P.S. There, Say Er. Slightly more pictures. You just wait till I get my cam. My blog'll literally be flooded with my face, my face, my booty, and my face again. Vomit blood!

The Truth Hurts A Lot Worse

****very, VERY loooooooong emo post. I'm really sorry, but its been weighing down on me for the past few days. Just skip ahead to the next post if you don't feel like it.****

I was digging up and looking back at old photos of me in secondary school. And that’s when I realized….

I have none.

Coupled with the fact that I’ve had the same distinct dream for 12 nights, today’s just one of those days when I’m just very emotional, and on the verge of silent tears. I’m sad because I didn’t have a primary and secondary school life I can be proud of, and I’m jealous towards all those who DID have a schooling life they can sorely miss, or gladly talk about.

I've battled with self-esteem issues and it was only until recently, I realized that I still am battling the losing war. The past still haunts me, and I am what I am now because of it. Notice I used what, not who.

Back then, I used to fit in the drastic nerdy stereotype in the movies. A nobody, whom nobody greeted. Not even a nod, or the twitch of a smile. Equipped with : Agumon Digimorphing to Greymon shirt. The elastic, ballooned cheeks. Pants worn at least 2 inches above my navel.
Hair always either flattened into a coconut, or cut into a mushroom, only by cheap barbers. Buttons and necktie all the way up on a tucked in shirt.

Left in the corner of the classroom, I spent 11 long, tormenting years in my primary and secondary school life. As for conversations, I never could get myself involved with anyone. D&D back then used to be Dungeons and Dragons for me, instead of Dinner & Dance.

If anyone would come up to me now and say he remembers me in secondary school, I’d burn him, and the evidence along with has damned body. I was stuck in a case of denial.

This post signifies a gigantic outlet to me, through which I can siphon off a part of my long concealed history just waiting to burst out, and maybe you won't understand that.

After all, to you, so what? Big deal, it's just pictures.

To me, however, it served as a painful reminder of that shy nerdy kid I used to be, who was pushed around and taken for granted, who was made fun of, and who never thought I was cool enough to fit in.

Before I carry on, I just wanna clarify that I’m not saying I’m perfect. It’s just that there is now a vast rift in between.

In my own eyes, I was never good enough for anyone.

The only friends I had were stuffed toys – I’d talk to them, play with them, go places with them. They were the only ones who were nice to me, and didn’t have a problem with the way I behaved or looked. At least with them, I felt safe, and I didn’t feel as though I was several leagues lower than them. Unlike them, real people were never like them.

The feeling of being tied to a flag pole to the next morning, stripped to only your underwear. The feeling of being pinioned by guys several times larger than you while you were kicked around, forced to watch your calculator being stepped on or your Physics book torn into halves.

No one should have to live through that, not even the lowest life form. But then again, who am I kidding? I was lower than the lowest life form.

I had no friends.
I never went shopping.
I never had good clothes – they were either too baggy, or too faded.
I had no life.
And until now, I’ve never had a blast birthday celebration in my life. It used to be worse – no sms-es, no calls, no presents, no Facebook messages, and no birthday wishes.

The only thing I had going for me at that time was my studies. I aced every paper and that was enough to keep me happy and that was what my world revolved around then.

There is an underlying reason as to why I dislike two types of people.

Jocks that give off an arrogant vibe - they used to be the meanest and I can't/couldn't forget that.

Nerds, dorks, and geeks – Because they don’t have the guts or the willpower to make a change.

The tears I spilled during the dark ages of my life. Tears of pain, anguish, and sorrow. Why could I not bring myself to fit in? Why did everyone hate me so much?

And so finally, after SPM, I rushed home and took a long, cold look at myself in the mirror. Instantly, a voice told me that I HAD to change.

A year later, after going for youth leadership camps and conferences, I was slowly coming out of my shell. I gained more friends and confidence and I was mixing in all the right circles.

My ego inevitably ballooned and this time, I had the twisted perception that I was the one who was too cool/popular to talk to anyone else. How things changed over a short span of time. I slowly forgot about the boy that I once was.

Sometimes, I would think that I had a lot of things going for me. Girlfriends, above avergae looks, and studies. That was until my world came crashing down, until the harsh truth would poke through occasionally.

"Hey Mervin. that girl you said is cute thinks you are very yong sui."

Those words stabbed me and till this day, I can't forget the impact or the pain. It was so frank, so straightforward and the truth rang loudly in my ears. I would hear about how ugly someone found me and my confidence would just instantly wash away while my self-esteem simultaneously plunged. It seemed like I was back at square one, back to the times before. This is one of the reasons why I get so affected by what people say; maybe the truth is, I just can't bury my past completely.

As much as you would like to deny it, first impressions do count. I'm sure many have been through this transition before. Sometimes, I do miss certain glimpses of the boy I once was. The one who didn't care about the difference between brands, the one who was happy with Pikachus and Power Rangers, and the one who just didn't bother about anything else.

Again, I am not saying that I went from being an ugly duckling to a swan, but there is a difference. In how I look, am perceived, in how I act, and in how people treat me. It does irk me at times as to how judging society can be (unfortunately, I am guilty to this too), as well as the pressure being exerted to fit in.I was once that boy and I know and still remember how it feels like.

Sticks and stones may break your bones, but words hurt just as much too.

Yours truly,
Mervin, no one has known me.

*****End very, VERY emo post.

P.S. I’ve never revealed so much before. I humbly beg of you not to be too judgmental.

P.P.S. A couple more emo posts to be up. Now that I’ve got an outlet, I gotta take full advantage over it. Won’t be too much, I promise.

huhuhahha and awwwww.......

Why the silly title? You'll see.



It's over! After slapping myself stupid and downing 5 cups of Nescafe 3-in-1 to keep myself awake, it's finally over!

Maths was okay. I wouldn't say it was good, but it wasn't too shabby as well. Stressful, but not too stressful. I could really feel the heat building up in my brain, no shit.

And after the exam, my fingers felt like detaching themselves from my hand, thanks to the millions of calculator button presses. Time seemed to move extra fast in that hall, and as expected, I didn't have enough time to finish the entire paper, but aaaaah, screw that. Yeah.

Naturally, I'm soooooo damn proud of myself for managing to cram all 5 chapters and methods into my head. And to top it all off, I still remember what I learnt in Sem 2 okay...!

In the history of Mervin's mathematical acheivements, this could be IT. (Hence the huhuhahha.)

Okay la, I conned you. I didn't study the entirety of 5 chapters. I just couldn't understand wth reduction formulae was about, even when I stoned at the same page for an hour and a half OMG. So, I took the only logical move then: give up.

, that was the only thing I didn't study for, and it came out on a 10-mark question. Pfft.

No good. (Hence the awwwww.)

On a happier note, this post is also dedicated for someone's birthday. To the person whose face turns hehlllll red when he blushes,



Sorry laah, I don't have a decent just me and you picture to post. So I just took the one at Kajang Satay. Don't kill me, please? *round eyes*

We're not that close as Peggy or the Wangsa kia, but hey. I'm still your effing coursemate, yeah? And who can forget the trademark arguments?

Tomato: You dong!
Mervin: Shaddup la, asshole! *whacks*

Tomato: Agigi! (which is MY line)

Mervin: Grrrrrrr!!!!! *whacks again*

*rinse and repeat

And Victson ohhhhh Victson. I pity you for having your birthday on a Maths test. Muahhahhah.

Yeeap, I know I'm evil and lame.


Hah! Mathematics!

wth. Seriously sometimes I really do feel I'm still a kid.

Yours truly,

Mervin, It's OO Night tomorrow!!!!

P.S. I hate Why in heaven earth hell does the HTML code ALWAYS run off?

P.P.S. Extra colour in this post for today, just for you, tomato! Your corporate color, RED. XD

Differentiation Makes Me Different?

I've got a mid-term Mathematics paper in like 8 hours. I bid myself good luck, and farewell.

Usually, the normal final exam format would be 4 questions in 2 hours. But now, my fat-ass lecturer is telling us to do 5 questions, in 90 minutes.

As if that weren't bad enough, I'll let you all know about the chapters covered:

Differentiation : A Revision.
Differentiation : Partial Differentiation, First Order
Integration : A Revision.
Integration : Numerical Integration.
Integration : Applications of Integration.

And within those 5 chapters, a blooooooooody lot of formulae, I kid you not.

Wah. Killer, I tell you, kiiiiiiiiller.

I dunno. To some others, it just seems so easy. You substitute a whole part of the equation as X or something else, and everything becomes easier. On the other hand, whenever I choose what to substitute, the whole thing becomes downright IMPOSSIBLE. Easier said than done.

Oh well. I guess I'm not a logical kind of person.


Like wtf haahahhh. Damn random.

I'm sleep deprived and damn tired. Recently, it's only like 4-5 hours of sleep, thanks to my assignments, tutorials, notes, and of course, blogging. Only one out of four is fun. Guess which one. XD

Oh. And my eyebags are like officially permanently etched below my eyes, which means I've had six eyes since God knows when. Two EYEs, two black EYE-rings, and two EYE-bags.

Six eyes.

I told you I'm not logical. Whooooopeeee. =.=III

I guess I won't be getting any sleep today, cos I've still got 3 more chapters to cover, AND memorize. And even if by some God-given miracle that I manage to complete studying, I wouldn't be able to sleep.

Mhmmm. So I'm gonna resist the temptation of just falling onto my bed and forgetting the whole damn thing. *sighhhhh*

Woihhhh *elbow nudge*. Seriously, the only time that everyone in my class actually studies, is during MATHS. Other lecturers have complained that we're one of the monkey-est batch, but not for Maths, where everyone is either paying attention, copying notes, or solving long, winding problems.

And also, it's the only time the whole class (21 people) crams itself in the library, just to do up Maths problems.

Thank you God, for giving us Kin Wai, the Maths genius of DMT2. Without him, I would've probably overdosed myself on sleeping pills a looooong time ago.

And speaking of the library....

Okay. You notice anything?

No? Try again.

Okay, okay, I can literally see your dumbstruck faces now. teehee

What library has that little books? Even the goddamned Taipan MPSJ library is better.

And funny shit just happens when you're studying. ;P

Like who the heck are you trynna seduce laah, CCY?

Well fineee.... you're probably saying that all of these would've been a piece of cake if... IF I had just paid attention in my lectures.

lmao. If there's anything I like in TARC's lecture halls, it'd be their LIGHTING. No, for real. haahhhah.

And what more, when you have a coursemate who just loves camwhoring as well?

Meet Say Er, ya'll. But no, she's not single. So shut.

Alahh. Just typing a post takes at least 2 hours, you know. Proof? This post itself. The clock's ticking, and now, I've only got 5 hours till doomsday.

And to make matters worse, I can't do substitution integration for nuts. I can seriously scream of stress right now, wtf.


Yours truly,
Mervin, DX/DY of sin X = the quotient of X divided by the square root of X square minus 1. Understand?

P.S. There! TWO pictures of me from my right side. Hah!

P.P.S. Maxis is being bitchy. I can't even blog fully without reconnecting for at least 7 times.

Ask Me Why?

If you ask me why I did it, I'll tell you this:

I did it for the...


When I first heard about this "Lulz" word... from I can't remember who, but I think it was Krystal or Crystal (either one laah, you two!), I thought what kinda shit-ass word is "lulz"? Like some sorta u-dified, corrupted, villfied typo of LOLZ.

And so I was told to google it, and the definition on Urban was:

Lulz is the one good reason to do anything, from trolling to rape. After every action taken, you must make the epilogic dubious disclaimer: “I did it for the lulz”.

This has been pioneered by encyclopedia dramatica, famous for posting a fake craigslist add and then listing the personal info of those who responded.

“Why did he post a suicide note on livejournal before killing himself?” “I hear he did it for the lulz.”


So ask me why I'm dressed in all formal?
Ask me why I'm telling you this?

I did it for the lulz.

Yours truly,
Mervin, Damn random I swear. It's the 4.30 a.m. syndrome.

P.S. Yess people, I accidentally woke up at 4.00 in the morning. Like who the hell does that, right?

P.P.S I recently noticed that all, yes ALL, of my photos are of either my front, or right side. I have NO IDEA why. Maybe this's what models call "their good side". XP

P.P.P.S And yeeeap. That's my hostel room in the background. It stinks right now cos' my roommate hasn't done his laundry yet. And the best part? Laundry has dirty, smelly, 4 days old socks included.

I Smell A Blind RAT.

Hello everyone, this is me reporting to you at 10.30 p.m.

I'm just back from my solo dinner. Yawn for me. =.=lll

I swear to God, some shit's wrong with the food in the Sadam Mamak in TBR. Twice I've gotten a stomachache right after eating their food. But oh well, I'll keep going back there, seeing as their food frickin pwns the other mamaks beside it.

*to my college friends section*

You see! I always, ALWAYS ask ya'll to ajak me out for dinner, but you guys are always either "no money", "I'm having my dinner already la."(at 6.30 p.m.), or just plain lazy.


I can die of boredom in my hostel room already. Sheeeesh. No la, I'm not pissed off, wth.

I'm just mildly pissed. That's all. ;D

*end to my college friends section *

Okies. Anyway, if you know me, I have shit hell a lottttt of photos of myself, being an epic male camwhore. And so a few days back, a friend of mine asked me for a photo to upload on some My Friends section.

And being the all *cough* generous *cough* person, I just gave him one.

Yadada-yada-dadeedum. XP One of my better tight fitting tee-shirts, IMHO.

Now guess what? I went to his site, and looked up my photo, and I thought "Oh cool, there's a comment already."

Manatau, this speciic comment by a guy read:

"Eh, this girl quite pretty worhh... she stay where wan?"

O.o ,,!,,

Epic facepalm OMG. Could you be more blind?

Like WTF is wrong with your fucking idiotic motherfucking brains?!?!?! Go fly kites la, you moron.

Very embarassing. I felt like I just got back from Thailand or some asscrack like that. Gosh.

It's not that I'm sexist or anything, or that I think being a girl sucks. If you look closely, you can actually see that my shirt's a slim fit type. And so, naturally, a bit of... errr.... chest shows. But that doesn't mean it's boobs, by any means! And it's just.... *shivers* geli la!!!!

Okay. I'm being all shocked and stressed that I'm getting carried away and acting like a jakun. But now that I think about it, someone just threw me a compliment! So thank you, username ubx56118.



I'm the prettiest boy in town cos I've got awesome hair, marble-esque contacts, and supercool accessories. Don't be jealous, HAH!!!

Yours truly,
Mervin, perhaps people should start referring to me as either beautiful, or hot. Handsome just doesn't cut it.

P.S. I know the date for the previous post is weird: 27th July? Haahah. it's supposed to be 27 JUNE. What to do? All of my titles are Photoshopped and edited by myself. Human error ba. huhu

It's the eve of the Orientation Odyssey Night 09 Charity Campaign, and I've been busy helping the finalists prepare for the upcoming week.

For those of you who have not the slightest clue about it, Orientation Odyssey Night Charity Campaign is a ONE WEEK bazaar, where ALL 5 SCHOOLS under TAR College will be selling stuff, yelling, and hawking their wares, all in an effort to help the children of Gaza.

Ahhhh. I should add one more thing.

The BLEEDING children of Gaza. Dying. Screaming their puny asses off as bullets bury themselves in their heads.

But ah *denying* no no... I'm not a sadist.... Nope. NOPE.

So yes, back to what I was saying. My all-uberingenious juniors, Calvin, Di-Yan, Shibi, Roslyn, and EeLin decided to bang the guy at some CC to borrow us 6 computers for 5 days, all so we could hold O2Jam and SDO tournaments at our booth.

And the saddest thing? The college won't allow us to hold DotA tournaments.

Saw how pathetic onot?

Say wanna do charity, but all not sincere. DotA could've raked in millions, I tell you, MILLIONS!!!!!

Damn bodoh, man. Why the ningkupao they don't condone the hottest game in Malaysia, I have NO idea.


So yeah. For the tournaments, if they won or anything, they'd get to stick their names on lil pieces of paper that we prepared nicely for them on a Wall of Fame or something like that lah.

And the papers horh... me and Shibi hadda do up like shit hell a lottttttt, okay...

Cutting the paper, sticking tiny strings on them, and...

M-hmmmmm. The dreaded double sided tape.

I mean, seriously!!! Soooooo friggin' hard for me to peel double sided tape, OMG. Cos...


Haahah. Blame my weak and brittle nails and my low willpower. Fine fineee, blame it on my nail biting habits as well.

I'll tell you a short story, okay?

I have this nail biting habit ever since I was like 5? 6? Ah, whatthehehlll... I don't remember.

And I was the ONLY one in the family who didn't need the nailclipper. Cos I'd just bite them off, over and over again.

My mom, being the caring one, tried to make me stop biting my nails by whatever method imaginable.

Painting rose balm on my nails to make them bitter like dunno what crap.
Caning my fingers. Yeessss, right on the fingers.
And rubbing chillis on them.

Ah, you name it, I've gotten it.

We all know all those primary and secondary school back then had this stoopid habit of controlling their students' nail lengths? The one where kuku panjang mesti diketip dan diberi rotan.


So there's this one day, where the prefects and the discipline teacher came in to class to do a spot check, and a girl beside me was saying:

"My mom haven't cut my nails... What to do?"

And d'you know what I said to her?
"Come, I bite them for you."


Why laaah, Mervin.... whhhhyyyyyy??????


Yours truly,
Mervin, comes with built in, all natural manicure facility.

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