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Hi all.

Man, it'sbeen ages since I visited my blog. I tell you, everytime I come on the Internet, I try to avoid typing in my blog url cos when I see the date of my last post, I can feel that there's a funeral in progress on my blog. And you can blame it all, not on Akon, but on Society Day and KL Tour.

Yep. It's freshie week at TAR College, and so, it falls to me and my committee to make an interesting week for the young noobs.

Sad, right? Me calling them young even though they're my age. Baah. Who cares? They didn't pass their PTS!

Serves them right.

ROFL. Anyway, Society Day was on Wednesday, and KL Tour... it's tomorrow!! I so goddamn swear that Imma update as soon as I get home, cos hostel connection sucks big time.

Don't think I'm cocking or bullshitting you laah, okay. I know I said my connection sucks. I'm blogging now cos I'm in the library. Free internet, so who wouldn't jump for it?

Oh, eff. Someone just turned on the fan behind me. It's already air conditioned! How thick skinned can a person be? I'm wearing a SUB sleeveless somemore.

Ah. No pics for ya'll this time, sorry. After all, I'm still saving up on my cam, and I need to blog in my room for a quality post.

Not a friggin' freezing library. No music also. Cipetted.

Bye all.

Yours truly,
Mervin til'Leon Lindaeus- Oh cool. My arms are getting numb already.

Ah, Creative Malaysians....

You know, sometimes, when I think of Malaysia, I imagine it with a face. And where would that face be?

My answer? In the toilet or some shit like that.

And what’s it doing there? To hide its face from all the embarrassment lahh.


For real. Seriously.

The people behind the all-time Malaysian rip-offs eh, I tell you I wanna slaaaaaap so hard wehh. What Malaysian rip-offs, you may ask.

Well then, for your viewing pleasure….

And as if that wasn't bad enough, they had to go the extra mile to decapitate, then deface both my favourite comic companies, DC and Marvel.

Yeah. Which ironically means our country's pride... is another country's pride. Hah.

And my personal favourite... (Credits to Kennysia)

Okay. For those of you who're still deluded in denial, how's Captain Obvious for obvious?

And maybe the least impressive of all....

So yeeeeap. Imitation is the best form of flattery (or so they say).

Pity our country's not doing that much flattering.

Saw how pathetic onot? huhu...

P.S. Sorry for the quality of some of the pics... Some of them were tiny, and when you resize them yuno....

Yours truly,
Mervin, I don't mean to offend anyone. But this is hilarious, no?

To Cut Or Not To Cut?

I was just looking back at last months photos of ... well... me.

And I was sorta reliving the fact that I look okay in short hair. (okay laah, not THAT short)

I'm damned stressed now. You know you get that kinda shitty dilemma, where questions start banging the inside of your skull? Questions like should i do this, or should i do that? Then there's the famous 'but if i do this, would it go wrong?'


Stress stress stress.

Saw... my hair can really give me probs. Quite recently, I've went with short-ER hair than last time. And IMHO, I love it. Spiked, left down, or slicked back... short hair actually has it all. But I'm just so daaaaaamn worried that if i go to the salon, I'll get some Sweeny Todd-fashioned hairstylist.


I know I'm making a big shit out of small shits. But I don't care. Tonight I won't be able to sleep. Well, not literally cannot. Just gonna find it harder to sleep, that's all.

So the golden question is....


Who knows, it might be better, or worse than my current rounded hairstyle.

Someone please enlighten me!!!!! *sigh*

Baah. Enough with the childish complains. I've gotta go cook.


Yours truly,
Mervin, Maybe I'll get a wahyu telling me what to do....

Penang, with a lil' bit of Pening

Seriously, I can't imagine who could be more... inexplicable than dear Ah Jo. And no shit. He woke up early one morning and texted me :

"Wanna go backpacking at Penang? You only have two answer options : Yes, or Definitely."

Now that's what you call all of a sudden. According to him, he just woke up and the idea came to him. And me being a never-say-no-to-outings kinda person, I just tagged along. All that was left was to recruit two more people (you know, save up on transport and accomodations).

And who would've known that the hardest part of an impromptu trip was not the planning, but finding people that dint have exc
uses like

" la. Going back to hometown."
or "Harh... bo money liao!"


But in the end, we managed to find two others. Donovan (Jonathan's friend), an his cousin, Pien Kiat. And three massive cheers that they're all English speakers! After 2 months going out with friends that you only understand half of what they're saying, it's a relief to be fully communicable for once.

This is pathetic.

Anyway, going there cost RM 36, and that's something to wonder about, seeing that Taiping tickets are 40 bucks even though it's nearer. And I swear to god, I couldn't sleep on the night before the trip, even when I knew it was at least 9 hours before we departed. That's right.

9. Sleepless. Hours. Twisting. Turning.

Oh. Seeing as this is a four day thing, I won't scare ya'll away by jam packing everything into one post. First day, aite?

We had lunch at Burger King's. Donovan wanted s
ome Chicken Fiesta Package that cost 33 bucks, so three of us kinda ended up sharing. After that, the journey to Penang was pretty dull, seeing as the most everyone did for 3 hours or so was sleep (Don actually slept for the entire journey, cos he didn't sleep at all the previous night. I wonder if he was just as excited?). However, we did manage to corrupt a kid's mind on the way there. Ever watched Crank?

Yeah. Anyone who's ever watched it will know what banging someone on a newsstand looks like. I think that one was the kid's favourite part too. I know that I loved it.

After 4 hours of sitting down and not burning any calories anywhere, we've reached the oh-so-gonna-be-exciting Penang. We waited for our Jonathan's friend cum tour guide, Catarina to pick us up at the bus stop to our hotel. Oops. Make that motel.

Ah hell. For 65 bucks, it's good. Really good. The air-con was exceptionally good, too. Just that the cupboard kinda reminded me of my college hostel. Miserable.

And after some relaxing, we decided to plan our events for the next few days. First day would be a food tour round Gurney. Our hotel motel was really close to Gurney Drive. 15 minutes walk. But that's if you walk really slowly, like we guys did.

On the way, we passed the waterfront. I was told it used to be an okay beach, until Neptune got angry and threw a tsunami at it. Now, it slightly stinks (only Neptune knows why), it's got rocks all over, and it's home to little mudskippers. Cute as they are, I think they've got some kinda sixth sense. One moment they're there and I'm climbing the rocks to get a picture, and next moment, they seem to vanish. Fun suckers, literally.

The rest of the day was plain eating. Nothing much, 'cept the food there is awesome! Already I'm missing the char kuey teow. Went to Gurney Plaza right after that, where Don kinda tried his talent in becoming Ms. Thailand, followed by a stop at McD's. That's it.

I know. This post, is extremely shabby for those of you who've read my previous blog. Maybe it's because two years of being out of the blogosphere has made me rusty, or because there are no pics. And you wanna know why?


All - and I mean ALL - of the best pics I took were in there. Gosh. And to call myself a camwhore. I mean, how can I be a blogger without a cam? And how can you be a camwhore without a cam?

Camwhore - Cam = Camwhore = Whore

For one, I'd rather be a gigolo than a whore. So yes. From now on, no more clothes. No more fancy outings. It's saving time, until I get my new camera. This time, it's gonna be waterproof.

So Jonathan, Don, Kiat, I'm sooooo sorry! I can't possibly blog about a trip without any photos! And I don't feel like putting up Jonathan's photos, cos well, you know, they're his photos, after all. And I know that your blog's gonna be missing out cos of my cam, too.


*sob sob* *bangs head on floor, pummeling the ground*

Bahh. I promise, when I get my cam again, future posts are gonna be better.

Till then.

Yours truly,
Mervin - But I think whores make much more money than gigolos...
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