Hello!!! The name's Mervin. Loves photography, shopping, coffee, and my friends. I can fill this little section with so much crap to scare you away, but... enough, I think? XD

With Anger, Comes Love.

I swear to God, I'm on an emotional roller coaster today.

Ups, downs, left, rights, twists and turns... you name it, I've been through it.

All in ONE DAY.

Before I begin, I'd like to apologize to anyone for the previous post. If it so happened that I managed to scare you off, I am sorry.

I so am.

Yeah as I was saying, my emotions've been out of control today.

In the morning, I was hopeful. Hopeful cos' I was naive enough to think that the someone in my previous post would realize his mistake.

The funny thing is... he actually saw me in college today walking down the street, wearing some stoooopid black cap that made his head look so swollen.

Not that his head isn't swollen with ignorance, I meant MORE swollen. Swollen as in BIG.

And whaddya know, he didn't do anything. Not even a single "Hi".

Saw how pathetic or not?

=.= ,,!,,

So this, made me angry. And frickin' jealous.

Exactly where the jealousy comes in, I ain't telling!!! That's my past, strictly labelled P&C. (If you have absolutely no idea what P&C is, God bless your soul.)

But to quote Newton's laws of motion and my title...

"Every force has a reaction; an equal and opposite reaction."

Or something like that laah. As an engineering student who's supposed to memorise the laws Newton thought of when an apple clocked him, I fail as what I am now.

But still.... 3.81 CGPA!!!!

Anyway.... after the brief period of emo-ness, I went to help my juniors in their fundraising campaign.

Raising 10,000 bucks for the Gaza children in one week is no easy task, if not impossible. And so I chipped in a bit of help. Decorating, cutting, and shopping for stationery. (The styrofoam cutter was my favourite part, yeah Roslyn? Shibi?) *laughs*

At first, I was merely helping to take my mind off things. But then, as I got to know my juniors better, I started getting happier, cos' at the end of the day....
I realized I've made 5 new friends.

So yeeeeees. Thank you Eelin, Shibi, Roslyn, Calvin, and Di-Yan.

You guys really made my day.

And now, my midnight coffee's gonna end it.


To the special someone : I stand by my word. Friends are there for a reason, but the reason is not "So that you can ditch em and ignore them whenever you want".

P.S. There's a photo for this post, actually. I'll get it up as soon as I get my handphone connected to my PC. Blame the laziness. huhu

P.P.S I'm thinking of changing my title color. You know, the one with the moon. Any suggestions, anyone?

Yours truly,
Mervin, treasuring memories along the way. Except yours, that is.

I Hate This Part Right Here.

That's right. I'm furious right now, as in literally furious. I'm actually firing up to my head.

I swear I could actually start throwing things around if it wasn't for the fact that they were MY stuff.

I'm actually mad at one person, and only that ONE person. Exactly who, I won't tell, but to that special someone : if you're reading this, you should know that I'm talking about you.

We met at the end of the third sem, and only started chatting normally like friends during this sem break.

But guess what? Just 6 weeks, and you're already treating me so badly.


I've already told you about the one person I hate, and now, you decide to be exactly like him.

You don't care about the way I feel, and just blurt out random nonsense without realizing it. - INCONSIDERATE.

You don't even take the effort to reply my messages. - DOWNRIGHT inconsiderate.

When you want me as your last resort to go out for dinner, you text me. But when I text you, you just never bother to reply, and keep me waiting for your non-existent reply. - HEARTLESS.


And now, you're avoiding me. I've been sms-ing you for two days, and you don't even reply.

Not even a SINGLE word, such as NO, or some shit like that. Nothing. N-O-T-H-I-N-G.

Look, I can understand if your phone's low on credit, but a simple sms like "Call me, no credit" is enough. But noooooo, you chose to hold your tongue.


Who am I to you? Someone you can just trod and kick around?

Look, i don't need this kinda shit. IMHO, I haven't offended you, but if I have, then could you just grow some balls and say it to my face? For your kind information, I can handle the truth, even if it's gonna be a load of pain.

And if you don't want me tagging along your outings, just SAY IT!

I don't care if it's a "No, I don't really like you..." or a "FUCK OFF", just say it, instead of avoiding me like some sissy bastard.

I don't have to explain any further. You wanna be friends, you should've been serious right from the start.

I don't care, and won't care about you anymore. You can't even own up, and you wanna call yourself a man.

Oh. And I'll only be aplogizing if, by some miracle, you manage to read my blog, realize it's you I'm talking about, realize your mistakes, and do the right thing.

I SERIOUSLY doubt that'll happen.

I'm just writing and publishing this on the World Wide Web cos' I'm sick of being treated like some insignificant person, that you only call when you've got no one to accompany you, and also for anyone else out there who think they can do this to me.

Go pull all your precious hair off, okay?

Three more words for you....


Yours truly,



Hey, I show ya'll something.

But you gotta protect me from someone if he sees this. Promise?




No shit people, that's Jonathan. Who'd ever know that he could ever look so sad and miserable?

And check this out. NO CARS.

It's like blank. Empty. The gaping hole of loneliness.

You get what I mean?

I tell you, when I first saw this poster and Jo's reaction, I could pretty much cry of laughing at that time. XD

Okay la. I know that I'm being mean, and sabun-ing Jonathan too much. So today, in the SWC room, me and Ryan got together for something specially for our Ah Jo. And with a lil bit of help from purple Gatsby and hairspray.....

Hah! Be amazed.

Muahahhah. Seriously, it's like Goku from Dragonball.

Except that this's the authentic Chinese Goku. Not some Hollywood wannabe who's got a major hair-don't (Fuck it, i don't remember his name....).

I mean, for God's sake, Goku's supposed to be Chinese la! Or Japanese, for that matter.

Yess laah, Ah Jo. Touch it some more.

The front was especially hard, cos someone sorta got real sampat and blasted a concentrated jet of hairspay onto his hair. Cipetted.

And I think Jo suffocated a lot that time because of the mofu. He complained that everytime he breathed, he could smell the hairspray wtf haahahhh.


For any appointments, at a very cheap rate, you can book an appointment with me or Ryan by calling us. Reservations are necessary.

Sighhh... what to do? We're all busy people ba.


Okaay. it's now 2.52 in the morning. I've got a lecture - Applied Engineering Science - tomorrow, at 8 am. Oh wait. Since it's past 12, I guess the lecture's TODAY, like 4 hours later.

What's more? I'm hungry, growl. : (

And I'm sitting here, blogging.


Way to go, Mervin. *thumbs up*

But I don't just go on Facebook all the time, okay. I actually managed to glue myself on my study table for 4 hours non-stop, and complete my lab report in one night!

That's right, O-N-E N-I-G-H-T.

So, soooooo proud of myself.

And actually, I'm so wide awake right now, that I really wanna study. But writing a whole blardy report's made me reach my max brain capacity. Now, all I wanna be, is just to be imaginative.

Dreaming's imaginative, right?

It's off to sleep then. Nightz!!!

Yours truly,
Mervin, only 4 hours of sleep. Can sleep mehh?!?!?! Yaaaaawn....

A Routined Life, Again.

A picture on Mervin's blog... at long last!!!! Cos i've been getting slammed by my coursemates that there's not enough pictures to begin with, so NAH!!!

Yes, yes my camphone epic fail laah, I know. But whaddya expect? Can take photos good enough already.

And yeah. I cut my hair. No, actually, my MOM did. Shit, I swear, my sides were getting too bushy, I tell ya. So I got my *cough* house hairdresser *cough* to trim it. Looks better, IMHO.

Alright, to hell with that.

Yeah, as i was saying... life is like a goddamned routine.

I wake up at 7 am, bath, wash and scrub my face with Garnier products, pick out what I'mma wear, and walk off for 15 minutes to college. I have my lunch, and maybe breakfast in a cheapo canteen during my gazillion 1 hour breaks. Seriously, I can't resist food when I see some, even when I just had lunch an hour ago.

In class, I jot down important notes, sometimes just doing other homework. Class ends around 6 or 7pm, then stress about what I'm gonna do at night, who I'm gonna eat dinner with, or am I gonna go solo king again.

And then there's Friday, where I have 3 and a half hours break.

Whatthefuck am I gonna do in that 3.5 hours?!?!?!

This is hell.

Thankfully, there's a badminton court in my school, if it hasn't already been booked by the 'other' course. I feel awesome now that I've restarted my badminton, and to think that I'm not too shabby even after I-dunno-how-long of not playing badminton.

Oh yes, let me get back to my routine.

I come back from hostel. Bathe, then do some stuff on my computer or finish up my notes and homework. I walk to a mamak at TBR for dinner, and then walk back from dinner.

So now you all know why I'm skinnier. The moment I eat and gain calories, it gets burnt on the journey home.

When I get back, I take a bath, and then multitasking starts coming into play. Talking to my brother thru the phone, doing my homework, listening to music and going for more Facebook (I'm not that addicted, okay). Wash my contacts, and when the time is right, I take another bathe cos I can't stand moist hair, and then I go to sleep.

The next morning, when my alarm, the Happy Tree Friends theme starts playing, the whole routine starts again.

Yep. That's life now. A routined one.

And seriously, this morn to evening routine really drains the energy outta me. Sometimes, the moment I get back, I take a bathe, and then I just have to take a nap.

Okay laah, more like a-few-hours-sleep till 10.00 pm, which in that case, I won't be having dinner. And so when I wake up, it'll be half cooked and still hard Maggi Mee, mainly because the hostels don't allow fires or a stove. Cooking is a crime of arson here.


Like WTH?!?!?!

Alright. I've just finished my Maggi. I've still got my QC&PM assignment to actually start typing, and I've GOT to make myself a cup of Nescafe, or I ain't gonna last the night. Plus, I have to do my contacts routine, and wash my maggi bowl as well.

God, the toilet's like at the opposite end of the corridor la. There goes 300 calories, back and forth. I'm not gonna gain any weight.


Okokokokok. Going now.

Till then, laters!!!

P.S. Did you count how many times I actually take a bath in a day? Baahaah. That's what I do when the water bill's FOC.

Yours truly,

Mervin, Assignments, homework, notes, designs, Secretarial stuff... *yells and rips hair out*


No, Mervin, it's spelled F-A-C-T-O-R-Y.

Waahahhahh!!!! I'm like super high right now, cos' it's Saturday, and I've got plans for the weekend! High as in just high, not high with with beer or whatever laah, okay... High with alcohol at 9 in the morning, siao ah?

Yes, as I was saying, I'm gonna be visiting a paper factory in 2 hours time, with 12 of my coursemates. Yees yees, I know that it's not all fun and stuff, but heyy. As long as there's friends, it'll be fun, no?

Haha. It's actually an assignment from my Quality Control & Process Management lecture. After the factory visit, I'll have to write a blardy long report on the company's... well... quality control and process management.

Writing a 65 page report is an instant killer, I swear to god. But ahh well. QC&PM pays well next time, so it's all for money, I guess. Money makes the world go right round when I'm down. (Yeah, that songs been stuck in my head for a few days now.)

Okay la. I am definitely gonna update you people about the factory as soon as I can. Pictures and photos, naturally, will be ilek on my blog, but I think it won't be entirely blank this time laah. Cell phone cameras are there for a reason, you know? If you don't have a camphone, god bless your soul.

I starting to get damn hyper now. It's like I'm typing non-stop. But I have to stop! I haven't taken a bath, I haven't made myself my daily morning coffee, I haven't packed my bags to go home, and CCY's coming to pick me up in an hour's time!

Till the next update then, tata! (And I promise it'll be soon.)

Yours truly,
Mervin, Everyone chould know I get angry i my weekends aren't occupied.

Getting molested is... Syiokk!!!!

Okay, hi world. : )

Something funnay happened today.

Well, as you know, I'm now Secretary of my student welfare committee.


Not only Secretary, but Honorary Secretary. In fact, i'mma highlight the word Honorary everytime it comes up.

Haha, damn, I'm like so perasan now. XD

Ah anyway..... Just the title Honorary means that on the outside, we have to be like uber professional. Black shirts, silver tie (ZOMG 30 bucks!), formal shoes, nametag, whatever. As long as got class, dah cukup.

Howeveeer..... when we're not in public, we can all go way down the evolutionary scale. Like back to monkey stages, you know?

So yeessss. Evelyn was giving her trademark nerve massage/stimulant/whatever you wanna call it. Ben was the victim, and he went all orgasmic and moaning. In pleasure or pain, I have no clue, and so: "What's so wrong? pain meh?"

And there I was, closing my eyes, bracing myself, and yes. The hands started working their magic.

It wasn't really painful actually. Somehow, it's like your average treatment. You know, the one you pay 50 bucks to a slutty looking woman at Sungei Wang,and they jam their knuckles, SM you, step on you or some shit like that? Yeah. That's the one.

And I swear to God, the longer she massaged, the more it felt better. So I went ahead and blurted out: "Woooah, sibeh song oh..... if my wife does this everyday, I'll be a happy boy!"

And that was when I realized it wasn't dear Evelyn. It was.....



Shit I swear I've never felt more scandalised like that since god knows when.The whole room was staring at me, giggling their heads off.

Very embarassing. I felt like one of those gays in a gay bar, except this time, it's his first time, and he's getting an erection, and -

Maybe I should just shut up.

P.S. Nah, Wan Kah.... you said you waited for my blog to be updated, and so it is now! you better read, if not I burn your ass when you come back. And I don't care if you can walk onot. BURN!!!!!!!

Yours truly,

Kiam Siap!!!!!!

For those of you who need to polish up your Hokkien, the title means STINGY.


Some free time to get back on the blogosphere. Yeah, amen to the world.

As ya'll know, I recently lost my cam. Okaaay lah, I conned you, not that recent la.

And pity this fella la, my mom says i'm too handal at losing my stuff, counting the fact that I've lost two cameras, both of which never lasted for a year before they went off to Never-seeyouagain-land.

So yeeap, I'm on a major saving spree. In fact, I'm saving so much, it should be put down in the bible as a miracle. Cos' I've never, ever went for 2 months straight without adding a new shirt to my wardrobe.

Everyday, I take cheapo buns for lunch, cos they're only 60 cents. And for dinner, I go to the nearby mamak and order a roti or two. So all together, it's only 3 to 4 bucks per day. As a matter of fact, I just got back from the most unhealthy dinner I've ever had - oil-drenched and sugar loaded roti tisu. And did I mention drinks?

I don't order drinks wtf haahah. =.=III

I'm pokai-ed, you can soooo imagine.

Ah, ok. Anything goes for money, I suppose. Anyone wants to lose their virginity can come to me. It's FOC, but service charge still applies. Cheap, easy, fast, and satisfactory.

Muhaahaa. Wait till my mom sees that. =P

Quite recently, I watched Confessions of A Shopaholic. It's a pretty good movie, and it actually got my brain gears turning. The way Rebecca Bloomwood describes shopping?

"Oh, when I see the sheen of silk on a manequin, and when you swipe a credit card and it's yours... you feel like the whole world's yours...and then the feeling leaves when you leave a shop, and you have to find it again..."

Yeeap. And there i was, with some ZOMG-ed look on my face. Cos' it's EXACTLY the way I feel when I go shopping.

Fulamak, I'm a shopaholic. Muhahahha.

So tell me laah. How the *beep* am I supposed to save money when there's a ton of shopping malls around me?

Sungei Wang.
Times Square.
Mid Valley.
Sunway Pyramid.
Subang Parade.

And what's damn chun? All of these have LRT stops, and FREE shuttle services. That's why sometimes, technology advances aren't necessarily a good idea. ARRRRGGGHHHH!!!!!!

Maybe I should get some help la. But on the other hand, getting counselling at Tanjung Rambutan doesn't sound so good.

Oh. One final thing before I go get killed by calculus homework. I just realized my blog has nothing but random rants, and me blurting out rubbish. WHO GIVES A FLYING FUCK?!?!?!?!

Yours truly,
Mervin, sorry for the vulgarities. i just feel like cursing at someone.

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