Hello!!! The name's Mervin. Loves photography, shopping, coffee, and my friends. I can fill this little section with so much crap to scare you away, but... enough, I think? XD

Referring to the previous post, get back to the updates!!

2. Bubbly!!!

Okay. Before I carry on, guess what's this photo, and where it was.

Gobsmacking. It's foam.

What? At least it's um... outstanding? Yeah. That's the word.

Yay me!!!! *ahem*

Not only that, the foam they used was strangely blue. So predictably, i just whipped out my camera and started shooting.

FYI, I've never actually seen blue foam before, jakun that I am.

Am quite happy with these, though I admittedly would be happier if the car wash dudes had not washed the foam off so quickly, grrrr.

3. Yuet Peng.

Have been eating a lot of mooncake lately.

Now I know where my round face is coming from. Feel so unhealthy, baah. XD

Just realized I haven't eaten a single snow skin mooncake this year. I won't rest till I've had one!!!! YOU WHO'S READING THIS, BELANJA ME ONE. Hmph.

And for the record, those ARE mooncakes. In a more innovative, modern, smaller, buttery, yummier method, that's all.

4. Holidays? Nope.

After months of laziness and procrastination, I finally decided that it's time I got my driver's license! Naturally, the first step is boring old Undang.

I swear to God, enduring a 5 hour lecture on driving law is shit sooooo boring!!!! Me and a friend could've seriously died of boredom there.

And if that wasn't all, my few years of being separated from BM took it's toll here. Listening to the teacher blabbing about in Malay was simply death to my ears. Arrrgghh, didn't understand one bit of it!

So grateful I'm not a lawyer.

Did I mention we actually studied in a container? No, for real. A cargo container. Saw how ulu and kampung? Absolutely did not see that coming.

Have got to start studying. The exam's this Friday!!! Gasps. *horror*

Finished my exams and on holiday also have to study. WHAT IS THIS?!?!?!?!?!?!

5. More randomness!!!!

Just discovered that I have some pathological need to cook when I'm bored.

Three words. Putting aside the stressful shredding and one slit on my finger....


However, I shall never make this dish again. The fact that the oil splatters about during frying makes it a big no-no. Veeeery bad for my skin. X( So goodbye, crispy kai lan.

6. Shoes are a Mervin's best friend.

And indeed they are!!! Made my first apparel purchase in God-knows-how-long.

They're actually branded, no shit. Playaz, yo!!! And at a really good price, too. 40 bucks only. My happy feet.

So don't play play.

Yours truly,
Mervin, photoshoots to attend! Wheeee.

UPDATE!!!! (whew, finally.)

Hello people. I know I said I was gonna take a break till the 18th. I know, oh, I know.

And I also know that it's now the 28th, and 28 minus 10 equals to, I know, 10 days without updates. Clingy shit.

I know.

Okay laah, I'll tell you why. Holidays have just been so boring, in a bad terrible kinda way. Bloody bloody unproductive, ugh. And believe me, productiveness is of utmost importance for me. *yadadaaa-dada-deedum*.

All I can say is, I'm the sad soul who's trapped at home, while everyone's out there having fun. Didn't even work, can you believe that?

I mean, it's like during exams, I have too much to study that I don't have enough time to shit. And now, it's like I have too much time that I don't have enough shit to shit.

Owh.....kay, let's just leave it at that.

Here's a recap for everything from the 18th, then. Think I'll split it into several posts before my new semester starts. Warning though. It's gonna be disjointed, obvious reasons why.


1. 18-09-09 Freedom!!!!

After 3 weeks of stressful, sleepless nights of befriending Nescafe, it's finally over!!! And by it, I mean the exams, of course. Even wrote so fast that my finger bled during the last paper, I shit you not. That was just so stressful. I never wanna sit for another Corrosion paper ever.

Hallelujah for it, no?

So hello karaoke at Green Box, Sungei Wang. Went right after the exams, with a bit of loitering back and forth between Times Square and Sg Wang.

Split into two groups, as Cowkid's gang wanted to get something at Low Yat. Lack of planning had our group bamboozled at choosing what's for lunch. Took the lead, but the prices and choices killed me, ugh.

There is just nothing to eat at the all-play-no-eat Times Square!!! Settled for McD's in the end, argh.

Everybody loves McD's and their lunch hour promotions. But not me!!!! Too fattening and unhealthy. Just give me sushi. Or maybe a salad.

And you'd be the 1264897642th person who's told me I don't need to join the weight watchers. I'm stating the obvious, I know.

Met up with the other group, and let the singing begin! Hah. Refillable drinks, snacks, bigbigdark room and some pretty entertaining performances. M-hmmmm, DMT2 can SING!!!

Sadly, there're no group photos!!! Everyone just went off before I even got a chance. And I'm to blame on that. Sighhhh, I absolutely fail at being a photographer. Still feel totally down because of that.

Oh well. Experience, experience.

Can't remember what we did after that. Next thing I knew, we were heading to SS2's Kayu Nasi Kandar for dinner.

5 bucks roti tisu rawks!!! For 6 people sharing, I guess it ain't so bad. Still couldn't finish it, damn.

Went back late at night via the LRT.

Yeah, he really deserved that place that night. Inside joke, so don't worry buddy, I won't blab!!!!

The others headed to CCY and KinWai's house for beer and good times, but Mervin is a good boy who doesn't take alcohol and cigarettes, so just got my stuff at the hostel and went back home. End of day.

Dial GB for Good Boy, hah!

Alright then! That's part 1 of my update. Will update more tomorrow, so go live in suspense lah.

Yours truly,
Mervin, listening to Muse - Our Time Is Running Out. And indeed, holidays are running out!!!

What would I do when my key drops in a toilet bowl at 3 in the morn, travelling to and fro to Wangsa twice just because the assholic locksmith duplicated my key wrongly, get charged twice the amount of money than a regular locksmith, then getting told by a guard to be careful as I seemed to have malang all the time and to avoid getting hit by a car or any accident whatsoever?


1st step. Remain calm.

2nd step will be a teensy weensy bit more complicated.


Yours truly,
Mervin, almost forgot. Sleep with wood.

I know what I said about me taking a break from the blogosphere. Well, forget it!! That last post was gay, plus I have a four day break before my next exam (Quality Control!!!! *gasps*), and so, I'll be productive. =)

Here's a not-so-'quality' update, as I'm still rushing to finish studying. So last Thursday, we thought we'd celebrate the birthday of a Japanese girl. And what better way to celebrate than a surprise birthday party?

The Japanese girl in subject is none other than Eelin!!!! But I shall refer to her from here on as Dongbell, as Dongbell she is on her MSN.

Exactly why she's Japanese is simply because of her newly dyed mane of red hair. Her teacher said it looks Japanese, so I'm simply jumping in the bandwagon. But you bet I love it. Perhaps more than Eelin Dongbell herself.


So yes, Dongbell. I've known her since OO Night Fundraising Week, and even though I can't say we're THAT close, Dongbell's one of the reasons I looked forward to helping during the fundraiser, and so, we've had our good times together.

Hehhhlll, more good times to come next sem!

Back to the main point of my post. Yes, the birthday surprise. At 4-ish, 9 of us hid in the SWC room with a cake, while Shibi lured her in with stories of getting new spectacles together.

Our WTF-kinda-plan-is-this faces. Diyan's WTF scene. Eelin's WTF reaction when we popped up from under every table, CHECK.

Jo got her tiramisu. 3 words: It. Was. ORGASMIC! And now I'm craving for more Tiramisu.

Somebody please? *hinting*

Yeeeeap. She likes it.

And well, every birthday guy/gal gets a wish. I'm betting Eelin was praying hard that....


Okay! *changes subject*

Goddamn it, I love my camera to the maximus!!!

Not only that, but I'm working on my candid shots of events like these. Predictably, I still suck. However, I DID manage to catch a classic one.

WTF pic of the day. Scaaaandalous!

Okay, okay, I have GOT to go study. For real. But before I go off, one last time.

Aiyo. Should've wrote DONGBELL.

Yours truly,
Mervin, stuck on memorizing definitions of Quality.

Helooo world.

Firstly, no, I ain't lazy. It's just things are too much of a hassle! It's exam time now, and papers have been hard as hell, no shit.


So yes, as you might've guessed, I'm taking a break from my blog till the 18th of September, cos' that's when my exams end. So to all my lifeless and rotting friends, my holidays are coming up reeeaalll soon! (which means I can be as lifeless and rotting as you guys!! whee)

But in the meantime, I have 2 inches of notes to study for each subject, including tutorials that have to be done over again mainly because I've forgotten everything. *sheepish grin*

Okay, I know there’s not much difference right now since I barely update my blog anyway.

But but but.... before I go MIA for 2 weeks, here’s some purely random shit that might've made it to a post if it wasn't for the fact that I have NO TIME:

1. Papers have been shitty, with no sleep at all.

2. My eyebags have worsened. More like etched in permanently. Not even my camera can save me now. Sob.

3. Lack of sleeps equals to deteriorating skin.

4. Hostel computer's Internet connection is down for God knows what reason. Wanna start spamming people's photos also cannot. Pfft.

5. I am craving for a good outing NOW.

So yeah, I’ll be back next time.

Just not sure exactly when.

Or maybe I won’t be back anymore.

Maybe just abandon

Maybe quit blogging?


Maybe I should just shut up and go sleep.

Yeah. BUH-BYE.

Yours truly,
Mervin, does Garnier eyecream work? I'd looove to try a bit!

Hellooooooo everybody!!!! =)

I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing on my blog, when I'm supposed to be studying. First paper's on next Monday!!!

Oh well. Productive, at least.

So fine. I'm just here to let everyone know I'm still alive and bangin'.

So farkin' random, I swear. So don't mind me if everything sounds too disjointed and fragmenty.

Now off for studying. Properly, this time. Wheee.

Oh, and btw, Happy Independence Day, people!

Yours truly,
Mervin, needing help for AES. HELP! an unbearably long time.

I should know, cos' I've deprived myself of a chock lot of good food, lovely clothes, outings, my friend's birthday presents, all just to save up for my camera.

And so, it is my great pleasure to announce that (I have to be formal here. Grand reveal ma.) :



So much for formality, pfft.


Her name's Fujifilm Finepix F70EXR. Quite a mouthful, I know. (She doens't like it either.) She's really slim, with 10X zoom to catch you picking your nose from a mile away. And she sees clearly in the dark, too!

And as a last bit, she's got automatic portrait enhancers. Proof sample?

Okay lah, there's a bit of make-up, but otherwise, she makes ANYONE look beautiful. Even my ass. Hah, take that!


I'm going crazy, I know, because I'm bloody bloody happy! In fact, I'm so happy, I'm willing to spend 100 bucks more on clothes as a reward for my god-given determination. Hahhah. There's no more need to save up anymore. So SPLURGE!!

Anyone up for shopping and good food after my exams?

Yours truly,
Mervin, *jumps of a building in happiness*

P.S. If you think Maxis Internet has crappy connection, think again. Streamyx at home is being a bitch, too. Can't even download Transformers2. So if anyone has Transformers 2, DVD quality, GIMMG GIMME GIMME!!!!!

With exams around the corner, coupled with the fact that this was one of our worst semesters ever, the whole of DMT2 decided to sapu the steamboat buffet in Kepong. What? Stress relief is not wrong.

Naturally, we coerced the teacher into joining us. Arigato for not sticking to your original swimming plans, teacher! You get fat, it's thanks to us. muhhahahh.

The starting plan was to drive there with too many cars again. Six, to be precise. But environmental damage lah, tsk. Thankfully, Kok Hoe @ Cowkid got a van!!!! So in we went.

Arrived there round 7-ish. Just in time, cos even then, the tables were already packed. And whaddya know, the first thing I literally screamed when I got down the van was...


(the pic looks.... like shit. Fullstop.)

Ahhah... carried away...*grins*

Took 3 separate tables cos' there wasn't a table big enough for 18 people. Ish. Killed the 'happie family' factor.

Anyway, they had a huge variety of food, for steamboat, or for the grill. Personally, I prefer steamboat. And did I mention HUGE? But after a while, you kinda get bored of looking at the same stuff over and over again.

Like seriously, seafood, meat, seafood, white fungus, meat, seafood, and blablabla. But despite that, we still ate like monkeys okay. =)

In fact, we took far too much than our stomach capacity would allow, and hadda finish it, else we'd be charged with food wastage. That's 5 bucks per 100g of wasted food right there, ya'll. Classic example? Pei Nee, who took too many cute fishcakes, just because they were CUTE.

As luck would've had it, they tasted horrible. Too mushy and soft for my liking, so in the end, no one wanted them, and she alone had to finish like what - 15 of them?

Padan muka. XD

In fact, we were so desperate to finish up the food that we took some desperate measures. Hiding food in soup, yes. Eating till we had stomachaches, yes. Creating dunno-what-chicken, yes. And still we couldn't finish the food!

Thankfully, we didn't have to pay extra.

The moral of the story: Don't be greedy.


Oh. Almost aruba-ed the teacher, too.

18 people, splurting juice, crap talk, and Mr.Tiong's joke about being a gigolo supervisor. Went back to the hostels close to 12, and overall, 'twas a blast. Well, not the overeating, but the rest of it (hence the title). And I'm sure everyone enjoyed it too.

Oh, yes, how rude of me. This is Mr. Tiong. He's my Programming lecturer @ gigolo manager.

So now you know. ;P

Yours truly,
Mervin, love you guys to bits!!!!

P.S. I'm quite sure everyone shit quite a lot the next day.

P.P.S. Grammar problem. Does 'shit' have a past tense? Enlighten me, someone.

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