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Dilemma. - 26.12.09

I looooooooooooooove Christmas dinners.
But I don't like the
present that comes with them - few million calories.

Thank goodness for high metabolism.

Yours truly,

Gifts Santa Could Never Have Brought. - 24.12.09

Wednesday, Choy Leng brought chocolates for us. Wheeee!!! In Christmas spirits already. But don't you think it's good practice to see the expiry dates before you eat/buy them? :P

First time I've seen chocolates kept beyond expiry dates. It's never happened to me before. Whenever I get chocolates, it's usually in the toilet in... 1 day. Yep.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is why I gladly declare eating as my passion! Yeah, I rock.

Anyway, to celebrate, DMT2 decided to have a present exchange thing. Everyone gave a gift worth around 10 bucks, so all was fair. The simple thing to do was to get foodstuff, but I wanted better. Not that smart a move, though.

Though I keep telling myself it's the heart that counts, not the present (and definitely not the wrapping paper), DAMN CHEAP LAAH WE ALL! See the wrapping paper? They're newspaper. Spot the one with the foolscap paper, too.

Mine? Hohoho. I'm not gonna show the "wrapping paper" I used.

Along the way, shit happened (yes Kin Wai, there is this phrase). Awkward. I piss you off and you piss me off kinda thing. But it's okay, we get over these things.

What a joke, haha.

Look, I know I said the present doesn't matter. But I've got this obsessive compulsive thinking that I have to get a good present. And indeed, it was good. At least, it was for a few people I was targeting.

Waited, waited and waited to see who'd got my present, but the heavens demanded more suspense, and.... wait for it....


I felt my head drop off after that. Ugh, so suey. Could tell the recipient was not so happy with my present. That triggered the emotions out of me.



Today is Christmas eve *jingles bells*. And I was so desperate for a plan! You can't expect me to glue my ass at home on Christmas eve! Samson wanted to go to Sungei Wang to get his anata (inside joke, guys), and so, 4 sesat people decided to join him.

Dinner was at some random restaurant at the bottom of Times Square.

The soup was orgasmic. First sip = heaven! I crazily love anything honeydew flavored,but I hate the fruit like mad.

And trust me, the mee was good! And this's coming from someone who never liked wantan mee to begin with, mind you.

Long story short, Samson failed in his anata quest, so we wanted to watch Avatar. 3D some more. Samson led the way to some ulu cinema many people (even I) didn't hear of, somewhere on the top floors of Times Square. I've never went that high before, and I seriously never knew about a food court in Times Square, wth.

It's like we bought the whole mall for ourselves, and we were free to scream like idiots if we wanted to. Niiiiiice!

Okay, zombie apocalypse, I'm ready.

Manatau, the cinema was closed. Pfft. What kinda cinema closes at 11 on Christmas eve? Freaks. So we made a last ditch attempt, and went all the way back down again. Tickets were still available when we made it to the queue, but when we reached the counter (seriously reached it) , the cashier told us:

"Sorry, full already."

WTF!!!!!! We wait for half an hour, and there's no tickets. Dammit!!!!

So fine, when we can't watch a movie, what can we do? Imitate.

And still none of us wanted to waste the day, so we ended up playing bowling. Fun times, I swear.

What do you do when this happens?

You'll never guess what we tried. ;)

Called it a day before 12, mainly because Samson had to go to church early the next day. Fought through the crowd, got sprayed in the face a fair few times, and finally, the bus! Packed beyond packing point, though. Literally didn't have room to move.

Ended the night with a drink at BRJ, sirap bandung and Don't Mess With The Zohan before going back to Subang at... 2 in the morning.

Okay. I'm poofed. You can so imagine.

Off to sleep now. Buh-bye!

Yours truly,
Mervin, still wants to watch Avatar.

P.S. Merry Christmas, people!!!!

The Ball Ball. - 23.12.09

Guo Dong (I think that's the pinyin) is a Chinese festival where everyone goes back to their hometowns, and eats glutinous rice balls called Tong Yun. Yummy!

But with exams that close from our faces, me and the coursemates can't possibly go back home. So it all started with a random idea "Eh, Tuesday we make tong yun!". Everyone instantly agreed.

PREP: Rice flour. Sugar. Pandan leaves. Ginger.

And yeeeeeap, all set.

Let me be clear that we are all extreme noobs at making tong yun. ZERO EXPERIENCE. And so someone started off the day with searching for instructions on the Internet, which, IMHO, came in more of a hindrance than help.

Peggy repeatedly called her mom for advice (much better than what that someone gave). You should've seen her phone literally covered in flour when she was done!!! Haha.

Sam came to help for a liiiiiiiiiiitle while. Just to finish up his own masterpiece.

All seemed well when it came out of the pot. But I don't think it was when he spat the giant out. =P

Meanwhile, two chefs backstage helped make the sugar water.

And yeah, yeah. I like to be clean. I peeled the ginger skin off. Cut it into slices.

But nooooo, all I got was how stupid I am, that ginger skins should be kept on, and cutting it into slices would reduce the taste. Not once, mind you - REPEATEDLY.

Oh well. The result of our hard work?

It didnt taste like tong yun to me. It tasted like ginger ale. No. Make that worse than ginger ale. Ugh. One bite and I didn't want anymore.
Never mind that.

My coursemates are like this... big group. We do things for each other, copy each other's answers *ahem*, eat together, do most stuff together. Naturally, we'd make some for those who weren't there. And while we were at it, why not play a game? It's called.... the Balls Of Fortune.

Diiiiiiiisgusting name, but screw it!

It's where we stuff some secret ingredients into the balls, and if you're lucky, you get a mouthful of heaven, with the gula melaka bursting out. BUT!!!!!

LMAO. Laughed so hard thinking of the expressions on those poor faces the next day.

Also, Hazel requested for some coffee flavoured ones (WTF?). Weird combination,,really. And you know what's the weirdest of it?

THE COLOR. *jeng jeng!*

Two words : Uber weirdness. Didn't exactly taste like coffee in the end. But as long as laughter is in the process, I will be satisfied. :-)

Cleaned up, and spent the night at Kok Jun's house, where I was totally, TOTALLY unprepared for any overnight slumber parties. No towel, no toothbrush, no spare clothes! Imagine having to use your shirt as a towel. What was more?

My shirt's not the absorbent kind laaaah.

In the end, Jun borrowed me another shirt. Funnily, his shirts smell like mine. Hehe. Not the smelly kind of smell okay, but the... er.... warm (?!?!?!) kind of smell. Can't find the words to describe it.

Smelling is believing!

Had another dose of laughter with his roomate.

Roomie: "Not fun laah, this boy knows Mandarin... Cantonese lerh?" (in Mandarin)
Kok Jun, Me : "Yeah, can."
Roomie: "Hokkien lerh?"
Me : "Crap."
Kok Jun : "Oh, that one then cannot! *lol*"

And they proceeded to talk in Hokkien. To hell with my banana status, seriously.

Yours truly,
Mervin, I'm not satisfied. More tong yun, please.

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