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I See You. - 02.01.10

My verdict on the movie? One word. Simple, really.

The animations put Transformers to shame (BOOOO!), especially the wars between the Na'vi and the humans. Gobsmacking.

The storyline? Good enough, although I could've sworn I saw it on some Chinese drama. There wasn't much jokes, too, but when one did crack up, it's guaranteed to make you laugh.

What's it about, just go watch it youself, I seriously recommend it like I've never recommended any other movie. And you may just find yourself going "alalalalalalalalalalalaalala!!!!". Again, just watch the frickin' movie.

Cinemas rated the movie 13PG, but I'll give it an awesome 9/10. It really deserves it!

On Wednesday, there was a shit heehhll long line, and I couldn't see what the hold-up was all about. Samson (FYI, the tallest) told me what it was. I couldn't hear, and he told me to see for myself.

But how can I see what's at the front of the line, when......

I'M SHORT LAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!! *sob sob*

Boys are supposed to grow till they're 21 or something, or so the Biology books say. My stupid growth spurt stopped at 16. S-I-X-T-E-E-N.

Puberty, my ass! *fingers up*

Here's something. Samson says Choy Leng's cursed when it comes to taking photos. Her head's either chopped in half, or totally invisible. And he's got a point.

Hahah. Maybe I am taller than I think. Yaaaaaayyyyyy!!!! =D

And he also goes on about me, wolves, and the moon. Above picture says it all. Go figure, lol!

But okay la. I ain't all that bad. So Choy Leng, I'm giving you your own photo, to make up for all the photos you terpotong in.

That one's a little blur. One more!

Went back to Wangsa for a drink at BRJ before going off for Kok Jun's house. Again. This time without his cousin, though, so the room was much more empty.

MY SPACE NOW!!!!! hahahah

What? His house is bloody bloody nice to sleep, okay! Don't look at me weirdly.

Funny how I, the boy who hasn't done much in Wangsa for a year and a half, suddenly seems to spend so much time there.

So Samson, Avatar or Prototype? Must choose one! =X

Woke up early the next day just for class. Sigh, it's hard studying when you've just had so much fun.

Is it them, or do I ALWAYS choose the same clothes as my friends? At night, he decided to wear sleeveless, while I brought my sleeveless shirt out. Next morning, I brought the only orange shirt I had. And then...

The only orange shirt he had.

"Woihhh, change your shirt laah!"


Yours truly,
Mervin, the blue sakai. *alalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalala!!!!!*

P.S Samson's name keeps poppng up in the post. Maybe becuase we don't always go out with him, and we miss out on the stupid funny things he says. Samson, you don't wanna come out with us more often meh?

P.P.S. I think I look better in shades. To cover my flawed, sepet eyes.


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