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Dead, My Ass! - 30.01.09

No, this blog is not dead. It's just one of my many breaks due to my studies. Speaking of which,


Wasn't such a tough one, despite this semester being one of my laziest. Details? Nope.

Pictures about past, present, and future? Hell yes.

The days BEFORE the exam, Part 1.

After spending almost everyday nerding at the library till 8 p.m., the thrill of exams is... gone. I can't believe it. GONE. Just like that. Didn't feel scared at all, no panic attacks, no stress, nope.

Still, life was on repeat mode during those few days.

Wake up at 8 something, catch the bus to Wangsa, go to Kin Wai's house, breakfast at Jie Jie, study, random lunch break at god knows where, study, dinner at Jie Jie, back to hostels and sleep.

Glad that's finally over!

Some random pics:

Loads of gay moments, too.

And what happened next, is up to your imagination.

He only stood that for 1 second.

HAH! If I didn't tell you that, you would've been deceived into thinking he was a breakdancer, right? XP

Oh yes. Genting Klang has a stall that sells veggie fritters. Gloriously yummy and cheap they are, we don't want them any longer.

"Uncle, 3 pieces please. Add more salad and mayonnaise ah, please."

And that was enough.

Ah, the guilt of a dull post. Sorry guys. Still trynna find that blogging streak in me after one month of silence.

Yours truly,
Mervin, desperado.


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