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Shit, shit, shit. - 04.01.10

What a great way to kickstart the new year! In the library, STUDYING. Exams are like less than 2 weeks away. Am I prepared?

Shit hell no.

I've neglected this sem. Not because I'm lazy ok! It's because the lecturers aren't helping much, and the subjects are tough! Insanity! This is me speaking in exclamations because I'm so stressed just thinking about exams!

Doing the math, I realized I've like 2 more days to cover each subject. Okay la. Do-able.

So it's time to open up my books, except the one that has a Face- in front of it.

Gambateh! To myself, and to the rest of my class.

Yours truly,
Mervin, stress. Shit, shit, shit.


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